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Frequently Asked Questions?

How to enroll

Joining a community group is as easy as filling out the form below or talking to Pastor Dean or Brad at one of our Sunday morning worship gatherings. If you know a group you would like to try please include that in your communication to us; and feel free to talk to a friend about joining their group or pulling a group of acquaintances together to start a new one. (click here to sign-up)

What is a Community Group?

A Community Group is a frequent gathering of men and women from various walks of life meeting together for the purpose of spiritual fellowship – meaningful relationships that spring from the content of the Sunday sermon. The main focus of Community Groups is not necessarily to learn something new, but to apply what we have learned into our lives with God, our families, the church, neighborhood, school, work, city, region, world. As relationships deepen we hope these of people becomes a close-knit groups who journeys with Christ together and serves Christ together; meeting one another’s needs and the needs of the city and region together. So the purposes of Community Groups are fellowship (spiritual friendships) around the sermon, prayer, and ministry (serving one another and the community).

How is it different from Sunday School or Men’s or Ladies’ Bible Studies?

Typically, Sunday School and Men’s and Ladies’ Bible studies are primarily focused on working through a Bible study curriculum, fellowship and building community are important for these groups but are secondary. Community Groups are based on the Sunday morning sermon. There is no lesson to study, per se. The main goal is to use the insights already learned in the sermon and use them as a pathway into each others lives. Spiritual fellowship (or community) is the primary purpose for Community Groups. Group time is dedicated not mainly to learning something new, but helping each other understand and apply what we have just learned that week.

Further, although occasionally groups may choose for the men and women to meeting in separate spaces for a time to deal with a sensitive issue, Community Groups are NOT typically separated by gender, or situation in life, or generations. We desire for Community to Groups to be inter-generational, a mixing of ages and life-stages.

When do they meet?

Each Community Groups will set its own frequency and schedule. We encourage groups to meet weekly, but are flexible to allow groups to meet every other week or once-a-month.

How long do they last?

Beginning in autumn, our hope is for Community Groups to meet 3 semesters (or seasons) a year, autumn, winter, and spring. We recommend groups not to meet during the summer, thus freeing families to be involved in summer mission trips and other typical family ventures.

Will I be assigned to a group?

Not necessarily; we mainly desire groups to form organically, out of relationships you already have. We encourage you to meet people via Sunday School and between services in the commons. As you consider who’s groups to join, we ask you to not overlook that fact that a doorway to a great group-match for you might be through someone who is a bit older or younger than you. Great spiritual groups can be made up of people bringing perspective from various stages in life. The Bible affirms the value of contributions from the aged and the young.

However, we are here to help you find a group to try. Just talk to one of the pastors or submit the web-form below.

What if my group is not a good match for me?

We understand that some individuals do not mix well. At the start of each season of Community Groups there is a 3 week trial period, where you can try various groups. After that trial period we ask you to remain in a group and get to know the folks there for the semester. At the end of each semester or season of Community Groups you have the option to provide helpful feedback to your group leader and the pastors. At that time we also provide a guilt-free opportunity to opt-out of that group and try another group the following semester or opt-out of Community Groups all together.

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How may we keep in contact?

Join us at The Table!

Join us at The Table!

All Groups and ministries at CBC can have a place at The Table, our private site for continuous online interaction without the ads or other encroachments of social sites like Facebook. The table does not replace things life Facebook or Twitter. But here we share prayer requests and get real-time notification  when people pray for your requests. Here we post service project opportunities, post needs, share items that we have, etc. All of these requests and posts can be sent to the whole church family or just the group you belong to. You can sign up for The Table here. And look for The Table Project App on your phone or device App Store.