In our effort to keep before the church family songs of worship and praise that puts on display the great value of who and what God promises to be for us in Jesus Christ here are links to listen to songs we have been doing lately or that you may see as the year goes on. Many of the songs can be purchased in iTunes and sent straight to your listening device or transferred from your computer. May the strength of God’s glory be known and enjoyed and leaned on in the hour of trail or the day of deliverance.


A Challenge & A Prayer …for Simple Hymns & 5000 voices

One last word before I list videos and links to the songs. At the end of this post there is a link to a live worship recording called “Together for the Gospel Live”. I challenge you who may be unfamiliar with the blessing simple hymns can be to bring the generations together in worship. Watch the preview video of this album to give you a sampling of the setting for this event. This album resonates with the worship of 5000 voices accompanied only by a piano and one leader. Its at the bottom. It may not be your style, but I ask you to give it a hearing. Who knows, it might grow on you and maybe even cause you to grow.

Before The Throne

Purchase Shane and Shane’s version of Before The Throne here.


Jesus I Am Resting Resting

download this song in different versions:



Glorious and Mighty

(available here on Amazon)


Behold Our God

(available here on iTunes)


purchase here on iTunes

 All I Have Is Christ


Together For The Gospel (Live)

Listen the album and then purchase it here: